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WatchNET is a collection of Webcams (video cameras hooked up to the Internet) providing remote monitoring of traffic, events, or some place of interest.


Do You Want Live Monitoring of Some Place or Event? Keep an Eye on Things without Having to be There...

You can watch what's happening at some place of interest any time that suits you with WatchNET. You can get access to video footage from any computer connected to the Internet, anywhere in the world, anytime.

Would You Like Security Surveillance Accessible From Anywhere Anytime?

We can provide remote security monitoring of your business premises accessible wherever you happen to be.


You Can Have Strictly Private Viewing or Allow Public Access

Video footage from your Webcams can be made available privately via password authentication or to the public if you wish.


We can Arrange Storage for Your Video Footage

If you need to keep a record of your Webcam footage, we can arrange storage and retrieval to suit your needs through our partner organisations.


Check Out Some Existing Webcams

Click on any of the Webcams below to see footage.


Find Out More About How WatchNET Could Work for You

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Customer Story

More FM

More FM

More FM wanted to position itself as the city's leading provider of up-to-date traffic information. The radio station asked CityLink to install some webcams specifically targeted at traffic "hotspots", both on the Motorway and within the CBD. .... Read more

Webcam view of motorway