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Affordable, Unconstrained 1Gigabit/Second Fibre Optic Networking


Removing the Shackles on Speed and Costs

Ultra 1G unshackles you from traditional network service constraints of static arbitrary speed limitations and high pricing that is fixed at the maximum capacity level of the service.

Unconstrained 1Gigabit per Second Speed

Ultra 1G provides full two-way access to the 1Gbps "light-paths" on the fibre optic network, enabling you unconstrained communications speed without any data rate limiting or link sharing. This means the capacity is available between you and the CityLink switching core - no artificial limitations.

Affordable Pricing 

Ultra 1G uses a pricing approach which is based on the overall monthly level of actual usage rather than the common market pricing approach which sets the price base on various speed limited rates.

The pricing structure is simple. It is constituted from a standard monthly base access rate fee for Ultra 1G, any optional feature fees, and 7 cost steps for levels of utilisation. In the case of new service links there is a one time installation charge.

Ultra 1G Features Overview

Fibre Optic Speed and Reliability

Ultra 1G is delivered by full speed, exceptionally reliable fibre optics directly to your premises. The 'light paths' are immune to interference and performance degradation experienced by traditional 'copper' technologies.

Simple, Proven Ultra Fast Technology

Ultra 1G uses the IEEE standards based wide area scale Ethernet technology of CityLink's Auckland and Wellington Networks.  Connecting your network through Ultra 1G is a simple plug'n'play exercise enabling low cost, and compatible steps to that quickly get you working.

Ultra 1G is available in more than 500 premises across the Wellington and Auckland CBDs. 

Serious Broadband is what CityLink does every day, so please contact us to get connected too.

More About Ultra 1G:

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Contact Sales Support to find out more about how we can help you and show you how transformational Ultra 1G could be for you, on 0800 424 895 or email sales@citylink.co.nz

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