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CityLink's PublicLAN service provides a metro Ethernet LAN connecting business partners and users to Service Providers such as ISPs.


High-Speed Cost-Effective Connection

PublicLAN provides an open platform for users to connect to a wide range of service providers. CityLink works closely with the local IT and ISP community in order to provide the best solution for you.

Unparalled Performance and Choice

Typically the 'access' and 'services' components of a broadband connection are purchased as a package from an ISP, limiting customer visibility and control over total service performance. CityLink unbundles this package by supplying a high speed 'open access' network that enables access to an array of service providers. This puts the control back in the hands of the customer, who is able to select the best providers for each service and exert control over their telecommunications performance.

PublicLAN is available now in more than 500 buildings across Wellington and Auckland. Connecting additional buildings is often easy, as CityLink's fibre cable is usually not far away.

You can easily upgrade from 30Mbps to 3000Mbps - usually this can be done remotely with zero downtime.

Fibre Optic Speed and Reliability

PublicLAN is delivered by high speed, exceptionally reliable fibre optics directly to your office premises. The 'light path' connecting you to your services provider(s) is immune to interference and performance degradation experienced by technologies such as DSL.

Internet and IT Service Providers

There are also other connectivity service options available exclusively for Channel Partners

More about PublicLAN:

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For further information about how PublicLAN can work for you, contact us on 04-910 5666 or email sales@citylink.co.nz

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